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should instruct patients on the correct use of the drug Salbutamol. Proper use of the drug and a clear implementation of the instructions necessary to ensure the penetration of salbutamol in the bronchi. At the beginning of treatment should be to use the testosterone enanthate dosage drug under medical supervision and after a workout in the mirror.
As with other inhaled drugs, the therapeutic effect can be reduced while cooling the cylinder. Therefore, before using the bottle with the preparation should be warmed to room temperature (warm bottle hands for a few minutes, you can not use other methods!).
The cylinder is under pressure, so bottles can not be heated, crush, or puncture or incinerate, even when they are empty .
in case of unpleasant sensations in the mouth and sore throat after inhalation of the mouth should be rinsed with water.
Bronchodilators should not be the sole or main component of treatment of bronchial asthma unstable or heavy current.
If the action of the usual dose of the drug becomes less effective or less long (effect of the drug should be maintained for at least 3 hours), the patient should see a doctor. Increasing the dose or frequency of administration of salbutamol should only be undertaken under medical supervision. Reducing the interval between taking these doses is possible only in exceptional cases and should be strictly justified.Increasing demand for the use of inhaled ß-agonists 2 -adrenoceptor with a short duration of action for the treatment of bronchial asthma exacerbation indicates. In such cases, you should review testosterone enanthate dosage the patient’s treatment plan. Receiving high doses of salbutamol during exacerbations of asthma can cause a syndrome of “rebound” (each subsequent attack becomes more intense). In severe asthma attacks break between inhalations should not be less than 20 minutes.
The risk of complications increases significantly as in the duration of treatment, and in a sharp lifting of the drug. Long-term use of salbutamol should be accompanied by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for the basic therapy.
Sudden and progressive deterioration of asthma can be a threat to the patient’s life, so in such cases the urgent need to address the question of the appointment or increasing the dose of corticosteroids. In these patients, it is recommended to carry out daily monitoring of peak expiratory flow rate.
Salbutamol should be used with caution in patients with thyrotoxicosis.
Therapy agonists ß 2

-adrenoceptor, particularly when administered parenterally or in the application via a nebulizer, can lead to hypokalemia. It advised to exercise special care when treating severe asthma attacks, since in these cases, hypokalemia may be enhanced by the simultaneous use of xanthine derivatives, corticosteroids, diuretics, and also due to hypoxia. In such cases it is necessary to control the concentration of potassium testosterone enanthate dosage in the blood serum.

Effects on ability to drive and / or other mechanisms. Because Salbutamol can cause such side effects as seizures and dizziness, is recommended for the first receptions exercise extreme caution or discontinue the management of vehicles and training others potentially hazardous activities. testosterone blend 250 men’s health steroide muskelaufbau kaufen nandrolon steroide bestellen fitness bodybuilder comida fitness vegan bodybuilding and fitness