testosterone cypionate vs enanthate

Has anti-inflammatory action. It inhibits the synthesis of arachidonic acid metabolites (prostaglandins), neutrophil lipoxygenase activity inhibits migration, testosterone cypionate vs enanthate neutrophil degranulation and phagocytosis, secretion of immunoglobulin by lymphocytes; It binds and destroys free oxygen radicals.

The release mesalazine occurs in the rectum and colon. It is metabolized in the intestinal mucosa and in the liver, so the concentration in the plasma is relatively low . Associated with the plasma protein by 43% (metabolite – by 75 – 83%). The mother’s milk enters (a metabolite) 0.1% of the dose.

distal ulcerative colitis (prevention, treatment of exacerbations).

Severe abnormalities in the liver and / or kidney problems; peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in the acute phase; hemorrhagic diathesis (with a tendency to bleeding); Children under 2 years old; Hypersensitivity to salicylic acid and its derivatives.

wary appoint Salofalk to patients with impaired renal excretory function, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, breach of respiratory function (especially in patients with bronchial asthma) in patients with hypersensitivity to sulfasalazine.

Pregnancy and lactation
In the I trimester of pregnancy, use of the drug is possible only under strict indications. If you allow for the disease, in the last 2-4 weeks of pregnancy should stop using the product.
If necessary, the appointment testosterone cypionate vs enanthate during lactation should decide the issue of termination of breastfeeding.
Recommended before planned pregnancy, if possible, discontinue treatment salofalk or use the drug in small doses .

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Adults . Rectal suppository 2 3 times a day. In severe forms of the disease the dose can be doubled. With long-term maintenance therapy and prevention of relapse – 1 suppository 3 times a day. Children . When weighing up to 40 kg is assigned approximately half the dose recommended for adults (1 suppository 3 times a day); with a body weight above 40 kg -. The usual dose for adults for the prevention of recurrence recommended oral salofalk into tablets at a dose of 15-30 mg / kg body weight per day. The daily dose should be divided into 2 doses.

SIDE EFFECTS Side effects from the gastrointestinal tract : diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, flatulence, loss of appetite, vomiting, increased liver enzymes in the blood, hepatitis. The side effects of the central nervous system : headache, depression, dizziness, sleep disorder, malaise, paresthesia, seizures, tremors, tinnitus. Reactions associated with increased sensitivity : skin rash, pruritus, erythema, fever, bronchospasm, pericarditis and myocarditis, acute pancreatitis, interstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome. There were isolated cases of allergic alveolitis and pankolita. Under certain conditions, mesalazine and preparations having a similar chemical structure, can lead to a syndrome similar to systemic lupus erythematosus syndrome. Other side effects : rarely – tachycardia, hypertension or hypotension, weakness, chest pain, shortness of breath; myalgia, arthralgia. In some cases, there proteinuria, hematuria, crystalluria, testosterone cypionate vs enanthate oliguria, anuria; anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, hypoprothrombinemia; decrease in tear fluid production, alopecia. Given the chemical structure of the active ingredient can not exclude the possibility of increasing the level of methemoglobin. If you experience acute symptoms of intolerance to treatment should be stopped immediately.


No cases of overdose have been identified. In case of overdose symptomatic treatment.

salofalk causes increased anticoagulant action, strengthening the hypoglycemic action of sulfonylurea derivatives, increases the toxicity of methotrexate, glucocorticoids increases the damaging effect on the gastric mucosa, reduces tuberkulostaticheskoy effect of rifampicin, uricosuric action of probenecid and sulfinpyrazone diuretic effect of spironolactone and furosemide.

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